Block two

Love this block! I wasn’t aware they were having a BOM! I’ll check it out. Thank you for sharing.

A slight obsession with books

I’ve done another block for the sampler quilt. This one is the block of the month in issue one of Love Patchwork and Quilting. I’m hoping to work my way through all the BOMs in the magazine, plus any others that take my fancy.

I used some of the cheap fabrics that I bought at Joanns. They’re fine for experimenting with.

This was my first attempt at Flying Geese so although the corners aren’t as well lined up as they could be, I’m quite happy with it. I did try to pay attention to getting the seams lined up and the points in the right place and they were definitely improving as I went along.

I’m looking at pieced block next. I’ve already printed off the templates but I may make another cushion first. The others look lonely on the sofa.

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Reader, quilter, and watercolors, I also love photography, drawing and biking. I have a special friend, a dog named HARRY THE DIRTY DOG, named after a children's book.
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4 Responses to Block two

  1. Josie says:

    Your fabric choices look great, I’m surprised you said they were ‘cheap’!


    • rjacksonb says:

      Well, in the past, when adding to my stash, I often let price determine my choices. I try to get fabric on sale on line due to my physical limitations. I love, LOVE getting new fabric in the mail, though. 🙂 Craftsy is where i usually find it. Thank you, Josie for your compliment. I am trying to make a “springy” quilt. Fall was always my favorite season. Not this year! Our long, long, cold snowy winter made me long for spring, and thus the spring quilt idea. 🙂


    • rjacksonb says:

      Thank you! If I shop the sales, I use the feel of a fabric and also make sure the selvages run parallel to the fabric grain. Often the stripes or patterns are so “off” that it is unusable for precise piecing. I have enough trouble without adding to it!


    • rjacksonb says:

      Thank-you, Josie. I’ve been guilty of neglecting this site. I get so very distracted when looking for new ideas and inspiration. I just needed to sew for a while. I am in 2 or 3 BOM’s and found Pat Sloan’s to be so helpful to me. What have you been sewing lately?


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