Why Do Artists Troll Us? – MTV News


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Among many UFO’s!

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Domino Quilt Block {a tutorial}

Domino Quilt Block {a tutorial}.

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Daily Prompt: Quote Me

Daily Prompt: Quote Me.


-Dr Suess

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27.1 Feeling Brave and Channeling Negative Energy

I sure hope you do not let hurtful things ruin your blog. I enjoy it very much. More power to you!

Scientific Quilter

Thank you for the comments on my last post. Due to the response I received from the last post, and a lack of hurtful comments, I am starting to feel a little more brave.

To be fair, in my last post I should have said that the comments came on a personal site, and I was afraid that they would be transferred to my public site.  I know that sounds weird, but the comments I received really really hurt me, and from my perspective all started out of left field at the beginning of the month, escalating to just before I posted the last post.  Completely out of context and with full intention just to hurt me to gain my attention.

As an adult, I should really know how to deal with it better, but time away and separating myself from the comments & the commenters felt like the…

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Not-bunny slippers

A slight obsession with books

I’ve got several projects on the go at the moment so obviously as soon as I saw the bunny slippers on Dance like a robot, I had to stop work on everything else so that I could make them. Well, I did need a pair of slippers…

I knew I had some chunky yarn in my stash and thought it would be an ok colour for bunnies, but as it turned out, it’s not that rabbit-like so I’ve left off the ears and tail and just made slippers, hence mine being not-bunny slippers. I used Sirdar Crofter chunky in Hound dog.

not-bunny slippers

I had to change up to a size 7mm hook as once again I was crocheting too tightly but once I’d got the tension right, they were very easy to make. The instructions were excellent, especially with the pictures included. They worked up very quickly. I finished most…

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I have lately been up at all hours of the night.  Either I can’t sleep or my husband wakes and turns on the tv.  He sleeps better with it on, I can’t sleep with it on.  It’s getting so I am ready to move into the guest room.  I bought room darkening drapes which I am thinking of taking with me. 🙂  We will be married 43 years in June and I think we’d get along fine if we solved this sleep problem.  I often wait for his snore, then hide the remote so he can’t wake me up too early watching reruns of King of Queens.  Wish me luck!

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Block two

Love this block! I wasn’t aware they were having a BOM! I’ll check it out. Thank you for sharing.

A slight obsession with books

I’ve done another block for the sampler quilt. This one is the block of the month in issue one of Love Patchwork and Quilting. I’m hoping to work my way through all the BOMs in the magazine, plus any others that take my fancy.

I used some of the cheap fabrics that I bought at Joanns. They’re fine for experimenting with.

This was my first attempt at Flying Geese so although the corners aren’t as well lined up as they could be, I’m quite happy with it. I did try to pay attention to getting the seams lined up and the points in the right place and they were definitely improving as I went along.

I’m looking at pieced block next. I’ve already printed off the templates but I may make another cushion first. The others look lonely on the sofa.

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April 2014 Designer of the Month

This is such an awesome challenge and you will love the clear instructions for each block. If you want to learn more precise piecing techniques, this is the place to learn. 🙂


2014 Angela Yosten Apr Aurifil designer button

Hi this is Designer/Radio show host Pat Sloan! Aurifil is thrilled to have a lot of you joining us for our Designer of the Month program for the first time this year, welcome!  I’d like to explain just a few things about our program

  • What is a Designer of the Month? Aurifil has many wonderful Quilt designers that use our thread on a regular basis. For the last few years we have showcased a designer a month on our blog.  I interview the designer so we get to know them. And the designer gives us a free block that many of you are making as a sampler. If you share your block in the Flickr folder we pick a thread kit winner EVERY MONTH!
  • Is there a full Supply list? No. This is a challenge, there is no supply list. But we have a suggested fabric list to share CLICK…

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Make Me a Winner!

Block of the Month by Aurifil Threads:  April Bearclaw by

Block of the Month by Aurifil Threads: April Bearclaw by Angela Yosten Designs!  

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